New To Western Riding?

Starting out Western Riding can be a real minefield.  

At The Western Shop, we get asked all sorts of questions every day from which bit to choose? to what saddle? and everything in between.  To make matters worse there is a whole host of low quality saddlery out there too.  So we will try to give you the best advice we can, and the best products for your budget. We will let you know their limitations and as usual, if your product arrives and you don't like it, well then we will happily find and exchange it for a product that you do!

We want to take the headache out of shopping for your western saddlery, and we have put together a list of the most requested items that you will need and all in one place.  If you are still not sure then please call on 01246 747747 and we will happily help you with your order.

Welcome to western, we are here to help.

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