5 Reasons Why You Should Feed VitaMunch In Winter.

We know that winter can present extra challenges to feeding regimes but this handy little hay block is a really handy way to help keep your horse happy and healthy this winter.

Unlike other fibre blocks, vitamunch is based on quality Timothy grass, packed with selected vitamins, minerals and herbs & then sealed for freshness in handy 1kg packs.

1. Relieve boredom

Poor pasture and restricted turnout can lead to long hours stood in the stable or out in muddy fields with limited forage. Long periods without food, against their physiological design, can affect both mental and physical health. Vitamunch is great as a boredom breaker both in the field and in the stable, and can be fed in a handy munch net to keep your horse occupied for longer!

2. Help prevent gastric ulcers and keep a healthy gut

A horse’s digestive system is designed to eat little and often. Fibre from forage remains the most important part of the diet. As a basic rule of thumb, a horse should eat a minimum of 1% of its bodyweight per day as forage-fibre. This is equivalent to 5kg for a 500kg horse.
Gastric ulcers can occur when the horse goes long periods without food, as acid from the stomach can irritate the stomach lining when it is empty or from a lack of saliva, which is usually produced from chewing and eating.
Vitamunch is high in fibre and also takes the horse longer to chew, which helps produce more saliva and helps to keep the digestive tract moving.

3. An easy way to add vitamins, minerals and herbs

Winter grass can be lacking in nutritional goodness and your horse may be not getting everything he needs. 1kg block of vitamunch provides 50% of the published daily requirement of essential nutrients (based on an average sized horse of 500kg).

4. Feed delicious forage without dust and mould

Our specially sourced Timothy grass is cut, baled and dried within 48 hours to ensure freshness. The colour and taste of our Timothy grass is preserved by extracting the excess moisture at low temperatures in a specialist drier. The consistent moisture of the bales after drying means there is no scope for mould development in storage. This means the hay maintains a fresh and succulent flavour, as well as nutrient levels.

5. Healthy, handy and ready for use

The individual sealed packs means that vitamunch can be stored for 12 months to keep some at home, in the feed room, lorry or back of the car ready for your horse at any time.
At just £2.95 per pack, vitamunch can be fed everyday in addition to your horses daily feed and supplements or as a useful distraction for stressful situations such as box rest, travelling, loading, shoeing, clipping, separation or unforeseen circumstances.

There are four varieties of munch – Vitamunch® Heavenly HedgerowVitamunch® Marvellous MeadowCalmmunch™ , Fleximunch™