Halter Style - how to pick

Well, lemme tell ya…Kathy’s regular cut halter has been a standard style for show halters from way back, it has straight leather with silver that goes all the way across the nose and cheek from end to end.  We have changed the design to include the leather pieces between the nose and cheek which we call..1/2 moons..which you may add silver to. The Congress Cut of course started with Kathy’s when she originally set up at the Quarter Horse Congress…many, many years ago.  It has a wider tapered leather cheek and nose and the silver is shorter and wider. It also has the 1/2 moons on it so you can add the silver pieces there also.  The regular cut looks great on most all horses and is really sharp for showmanship and any halter class.  You might change to a congress cut, it you want to maybe shorten up your horses face a little, it is sorta like wearing black pants…it makes everybody look better…same with the congress cut. 

You will see most big trainers using the congress cut in halter classes, but we have seen quite an uptick in them using the regular cut over the last 6 months. What it comes down to is buy what you like and you are happy with and make sure that if fits properly…that is a huge pet peeve of mine.  Any of our halters will look great on your horse if it is adjusted properly.  And like clothes sometimes you have to make some alterations. That is what we do at Kathy’s…so if you try one of our halters on and it does not fit just right, let us know and get me some pictures and we will make the adjustments for you.  Also, take a look at the video on the web site on with trainers Brian and Dena Raggio on how to fit them properly and how adjustable they are!  Hope that helps… if you have more questions just give me an email or message me on facebook!

All the best!  The Tackgodess

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