Let's Go Ballistic!

OK, well lets not! But let's talk about them for a moment.

Have to say that this is my boot of choice for my own horse.  The Professional's Choice Ballistic Boot is both hardwearing and such a great fit.  I have never had one turn around yet!  That nobble at the back really does do its job.  It doesn't matter if I am practicing turns or changing leads, those little devil's don't move, because there is nothing worse than having to worry about those Heel's and Coronet Bands being protected.

There are a couple of points to remember though when choosing a pair of Ballistic Boots.  

Firstly, the only difference between Small and Medium is a half inch around the pastern.. the depth is still the same, so if you are fitting these to a pony then the chances are that they will stand on them.

Secondly, if you fit these loose then they are going to turn! Make sure that the nobble at the back is secure and tighten with the velcro strap.  They are double touch and close, so they won't move. Honest! 

Lastly, well... it's all about the colour, and 2017 see's some very bold funky prints. Love'em or hate 'em they are here to stay and you can go for the matching VenTECH Elite Value 4 Packs or just team them up with a contrasting colour.  The world is your oyster... 

If you like to blend in then the Chocolate Camouflage is the best bet for you. Want to be bold? Then the Color-Block Ballistics will have everyone wondering what colour you put on as each side is different.

..Oh and if you were wondering what I'll (Sorry... Zippy will ) be stepping out in this year, then I have to say that it is the Black Feather Elites & matching Ballistics.. because there is just enough Pink & Purple on there to keep me happy