Welcome To The Western Shop

We are delighted to have you visit our new look store and we hope that you like the changes that we have made.

As its our 20th Anniversary year, we felt that the previous site did not best suit our customers. The new site is designed to be clear and clean and we hope that you will find the interface easy to use.

So other than the products for 2017, whats new?

Well hopefully we have reduced 'clicking' to find what you want. The menu's had become a little cumbersome for customers browsing on their Smart Phones and Tablets. Now you will find 'Tags' at the top of each page and you can use them to navigate the products in that catagory. This saves a lot of effort.

Always wanted to know what colour those Professional's Choice Elite boots were? Well now when you change the colour in the drop down box, the main image changes too. Not only that, there are lots more images as well.

At the moment we are working through our inventory so some items are either discontinued or we have decided not to stock them anymore. We want to get you some thing new to look at, so stay tuned for new product news.

There are some products that are still being added to the site but, we wanted to get it online and get as much feedback as possible. Currently the existing site is still active (just in case!) So if you have any problems then please, please, please let me know by either telephone or email.

Happy Shopping & Enjoy the new site!